Good Vibes Counseling offers LGBTQIA+ and neurodivergent-affirming individual and group therapy for adults and adolescents in Texas, parent coaching — along with Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) for eligible clients — so you can choose the type of therapy that’s right for you. 

  • Neurodivergence
  • Unmasking
  • Gender and sexual identity
  • Finding your authentic self and an affirming support system
  • Setting healthy boundaries
  • Relationship issues
  • Parenting
  • Addiction, substance use, and co-occurring disorders
  • Trauma
  • Shame resilience and self-compassion
  • Adolescence and life transitions

You’re the expert in your own life, and it’s my job to follow your lead in the counseling process. You’ll decide what’s most important to work on, as I assist you in navigating:  

I can help you cultivate a deeper understanding of yourself and a more effective, hands-on capacity for thoughtfully and constructively dealing with any challenges life might throw your way.

Explore the ways we can do this work together, below!

I believe that therapy is an adventure, where you can learn to find flow, authenticity, and the balance between joy and struggle. Good Vibes Counseling offers a safe and nurturing space for you to experience this growth and become more confident in your worth, your aspirations, and your shadows. 

Individual therapy is an opportunity to take a deep dive into self-discovery. In individual therapy sessions, we’ll explore current and historical challenges and patterns. I will hold space for your feelings, help you reframe unhelpful reactions, and provide you with valuable tools to cope with life’s obstacles. 

Individual therapy sessions are $165 per each 50-minute session.

Individual Therapy for Adults and Adolescents in Texas

We start our lives by being born into a group — our family of origin. Throughout our lives we strive to feel part of other groups with school, work, friends, and chosen family. This drive for connection to others is why group therapy can be so transformational and healing.

In group therapy, you will be able to experience and discuss your own thoughts, behaviors, and emotions in relation to others, in the moment.

Group therapy takes place weekly, and each session is 90 minutes long. Group therapy is $60 per session.

Group Therapy for Adults and Adolescents in Texas

Being a parent is one of the most difficult jobs, and sometimes you may feel lost. I am here to offer support, insight, and guidance from an outside perspective. We will work together to find out what behaviors need to change and how we can make your home environment more comfortable. 

Parenting therapy sessions are $165 per each 50-minute session.

Parent Coaching in Texas

Prep and Integration Sessions: $165 per 50-minute session

Dosing session: $495 per 3-hour session

Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) is a holistic modality in which ketamine is used as a complement to psychotherapy to help eligible patients experience more frequent breakthroughs and sustained improvement in symptoms. I take on the psychotherapy portion of the experience, while Journey Clinical’s medical team supports you on all medical aspects. This includes determining eligibility, developing a custom treatment plan, prescribing the medicine, and monitoring outcomes. 

Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) in Partnership with Journey Clinical

I am currently private pay, which means I don’t accept health insurance and am considered out of network with insurance providers. Being a private pay therapist is a conscious choice in order to create a better counseling experience for my clients.

Insurance providers demand a lot of therapists and clients in exchange for the reimbursement they provide, often dictating timelines for care and requiring diagnoses that may be unnecessary or contrary to what you and I decide is best for your therapy journey. Submitting claims to insurance providers also limits our capacity for confidentiality during the therapy process, and any diagnosis can become a record that may impact other areas of your life, like future insurance coverage. Lastly, I believe that all people deserve access to therapy for any kind of life experience or stress, regardless of formal diagnosis. 

I know paying for therapy can be complicated, too. Here’s what you need to know about insurance and private pay therapy:

Even as a private pay therapist, also known as an out of network provider, you may be able to submit what’s called a “superbill” to your insurance provider for reimbursement. I am more than happy to provide you with a superbill, if your insurance plan offers this option. Be sure to contact your insurance provider and ask, "How do I obtain reimbursement for therapy with an out-of-network provider?”

I also offer limited reduced rate options. If my fee is not workable for you please inquire about a reduced rate. I am dedicated to providing referrals in case we are not able to work together.

Please contact me to inquire about superbills, reduced rates, and more. I’m here to help!

Therapy should be accessible for everyone. I offer options to make payment easier and more affordable, like superbills and reduced rates.